South-South Cooperation

Countries in the Global South are tackling twin objectives of economic development and clean energy transition.

Several countries from the Global South countries are attempting to devise a framework for a just transition unique to the challenges and opportunities in developing countries. 

To meet the net-zero commitment goals and harness the opportunities to leapfrog their development trajectories with clean technologies, all while improving employment opportunities for their citizens, developing countries must engage in meaningful dialogue to exchange best practices. For example, India has achieved economic viability of clean electricity sources using a bouquet of policy measures that could be shared with other countries in Asia and Africa.

The IECC is an excellent convening forum to set up dialogues, meetings, and discussions about opportunities and planning for an equitable energy transition. With focus not just on employment transitions, but also specific Global South issues of securing long-term financing and collaborating on development of green industries like offshore wind, green hydrogen, and battery manufacturing.

The Center pulls the academic expertise of a diverse and global faculty at UC Berkeley, as well as the extensive international technical assistance program run by LBL colleagues, including current collaborations with in-country stakeholders, to convene these dialogues.