Impact Areas

India is on the precipice of an energy revolution. As the fifth largest economy in the world, with a growing, rapidly urbanizing population, much of the country’s energy infrastructure will be built in the coming 3 decades. This comes at a time in which India has achieved the lowest solar and wind auction prices in the world. At the same time, global lithium-ion battery prices have plummeted 90% over the last decade and are expected to further halve by 2030. India recognizes this opportunity and has pursued ambitious renewable energy deployment in the power sector. Clean energy prices could also rapidly transform the transportation and industrial sectors, which make up a significant share of total emissions and are expected to grow rapidly in the next two decades. To tackle these issues, a systemic approach is required to answer questions about energy security, economic growth, and broader questions of transition. The IECC aims to fill that gap by focusing on the following interrelated areas: