Role of energy storage in meeting India’s growing electricity demand

The first IECC panel discussion with practitioners and industry experts focused on how we value energy storage on India’s grid and what best practices can be learned from California’s experience in procuring affordable storage contracts. Moderated by Dr. Nikit Abhyankar, who shared brief insights on Grid-Scale Energy Storage – with technology and economics trends. View […]

The Case for a Zero Emission Vehicle Obligation in India

Related Files Report PDF (Working Paper) Date Published 01/2024 Authors Deepak Rajagopal, Narayan Gopinathan Abstract Public policies to replace fossil-fuel based internal combustion engine vehicle (ICE) with zero emission vehicle (ZEV) technologies such as battery electric vehicles (BEV) and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCEV) are fast becoming commonplace worldwide. The two main types of policies […]

Review of Grid-Scale Energy Storage Technologies Globally and in India

Related Files Report PDF Date Published 08/2023 Authors Priyanka Mohanty, Emilia Chojkiewicz, Epica Mandal Sarkar, Rohit Laumas, Akash Saraf, Avanthika Satheesh, Nikit Abhyankar Abstract India has set an ambitious target to reach 500 GW of installed non-fossil energy capacity by 2030. However, increasing penetrations of renewables – mostly wind and solar – will require the […]

India Energy and Climate Center Genesis Video

The India Energy & Climate Center (IECC) at UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy leverages clean energy technology and policy expertise at the world’s top public university, Silicon Valley, and the state of California to catalyze the rapid transformation of energy systems that can deliver significant environmental, economic, and energy security benefits. Click to watch video.